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Yale has used a number of transmission styles over the years.  Starting back in the 1950’s and 60’s, they had an oil clutch transmission that was fitted with a fluid coupling so that the lift truck acted as if it were an automatic.  Then they went to a true automatic that used a Chrysler style converter.

During the 1980’s the Sumitoma style transmission came into being.  After several generations, the converters had the input shaft built into them.  Then the input shaft was made as a separate component, and would only be pushed into place.

In the large Yale trucks there are some two-speed transmissions that use a converter with a gear in place of the hub.  More and more of the current Yale forklifts are equipped with electric solenoids on the control valves.

American Industrial Transmission carries Yale transmission parts.  We do not have many parts left for the L51 or G83 series trucks, but there are a few control valve kits, gasket kits, and clutch pack kits still on our shelves. 

AIT has created Yale transmission rebuild kits for most of the newer Yale transmissions.  Our transmission kits include the gaskets, seals, rings, steel plates, friction plates, and often include the pump.  We also carry the gasket kit as a separate item.

Our coverage for hard parts used in Yale transmissions is good.  Call with your model and serial number and we will research the parts that you need.  Our sales staff is friendly and efficient.  Your parts list will be quoted in no time at all.

Whether your Yale lift truck is old or almost new, AIT will be pleased to furnish the parts for your transmission.  You may also want to see RebuiltYaleTransmission.com before you commit to a parts purchase.